• Ideas for Planning a Sweet 16 Party

    Turning 16 is a right of passage, so it’s no surprise that Sweet 16 parties are popular. With the right party rentals, you can turn any place into the perfect location for this big day, regardless of the size of your guest list or your vision for the event. If you are planning a Sweet 16 party, these ideas will help you get started.


    Build Around a Color Scheme

    If you can’t settle on a theme for the party, start by picking colors. The colors you choose can help set the tone for the event. Pick colors that go with a favorite sports team, season, or the birthday person’s favorite color. Table linen rentals are a great way to bring a color scheme to life and to create a foundation for the rest of your decorations. Some people even ask guests to dress in the color scheme to make the event feel even more cohesive.


    Focus on Photos

    Photo booths are a great way to commemorate your Sweet 16 party. Guests will enjoy going in and out of the booth with different groups of friends and props to take photos with. You can also hire photographers and have them photograph the event as though they are paparazzi. Let the guests walk the red carpet and pose for pictures before the party, and then have your photographers capture candid shots through the event.


    Rent Carnival Games

    Party guests of all ages love carnival games. Set up a Sweet 16 outdoor carnival with event rentals such as a bean toss, air castle, and dunk tank. You can even rent carnival food equipment, including popcorn machines and hot dog rollers. Don’t forget the game prizes.


    At American Party Rental, we have all of the party supplies you need to host a memorable party for this milestone birthday. Learn more about renting party supplies in Austin by calling (512) 236-5773.


  • Keeping Family Drama Out of Your Wedding


    Weddings are joyous occasions, in which two families become one—at least, that’s the idea. In the real world, sometimes hurt feelings and bad blood between family members can come to a head when everyone gathers for a wedding, casting a shadow over the day. If you’re about to tie the knot, the last thing you want to deal with while you’re juggling wedding rentals, DJs, and catering is family members who are causing conflict. Fortunately, there are things you can do to put a damper on the drama before it even begins. Follow these steps to ensure you get to remember your wedding day for the right reasons.


    Plan Your Seating Chart Wisely

    The right seating arrangement is key to a peaceful wedding. If you have certain people who don’t get along with each other, make sure that they are not seated near each other, if possible. Put neutral family members at each person’s table to ensure that no one feels left out. For instances in which unfriendly family members may have to be close to each other, such as during the ceremony, put at least one buffer person between them to discourage conflicts.


    Attempt to Address Problems in Advance

    If you have an estranged family member that you want to have at your wedding, don’t simply send an invitation and see if he or she shows up. Well in advance of the wedding, reach out, even if you think that the other person should be making the first move. Try to meet up in person to lay the groundwork for a closer relationship. Don’t send a wedding invitation until it feels right, so he or she doesn’t try to use your wedding day as a chance to air grievances.


    Make Your Expectations Known

    Sometimes, conflict arises from the people closest to you, such as divorced parents and their new partners. Let everyone know what you expect in terms of behavior, and don’t acquiesce to demands like excluding new spouses. Stay neutral, and refocus everyone on supporting you and your spouse-to-be.


    With American Party Rental, one thing you can count on being drama-free is your wedding rental experience. For table linens and other wedding supplies in Austin, call our rental team at (512) 236-5773.

  • Spotlight on Our Lighting Rental Options

    Whether you’re hosting a party in a tent or creating table designs, the right lighting should be on your list of event rental supplies. Lighting at your event can be both functional and beautiful, and few venues have the right kind of lights in place to set the mood for parties, weddings, and other occasions. Fortunately, American Party Rental is here to help with a wide variety of party rentals.

    Among our huge selection of lights, you’ll find string lights, globe chandeliers, pin lights, and LED votive candles. We have a variety of lighting options for spotlights and other kinds of staging, as well as standing, streetlight-style lamps to add some flair to your décor. If you’re using lights in your rental tent, talk to a team member to find out what you need to ensure you have the appropriate power supply.

    For more information about lighting rentals in Austin, call American Party Rental. We have all of the event rentals you need for any kind of occasion, from weddings to dinner parties. Contact us today at (512) 236-5773.

  • How to Give a Winning Wedding Toast

    When a bride and groom are planning their big day, in addition to guest lists and wedding rentals, they have to find at least one person to deliver the toast. Getting picked is an honor, but it can also cause some anxiousness, especially if you aren’t used to public speaking.

    Quell your fears about delivering a great wedding toast with the help of this video. Practice is key. Instead of winging it, write and practice your speech, so you’re ready to do the bride and groom justice when the day arrives.

    At American Party Rental, we have everything you need to make your wedding vision a reality, from table linen rentals to wedding accessories. For more information about wedding rentals in Austin, please call (512) 236-5773.