How to Propose a Toast Like a Pro

People have been toasting with alcoholic beverages for at least a couple thousand years. It’s thought that the ceremonial toast got its name from the piece of spiced bread that was added to beverages during the 17th century for the purpose of enhancing flavor. Fortunately, that’s one tradition that has died out, but proposing a toast is still a good way to drink to someone’s health and future prosperity. If you’re planning a special event, you may be expected to give a toast. Use the following tips to propose a toast like a pro. Don’t forget to rent the right party supplies, like elegant glassware!

Prepare your toast in advance.

Your toast will be better received if you plan what to say in advance. Write your notes on an index card. Index cards are rigid enough to be easily held up and referred to. Unlike a speech, you could write down your toast word-for-word, since it will only be a few sentences long. This may be best if you’re particularly nervous about public speaking, or if you’ve never given a toast before.

Choose the right time to propose a toast.

It’s always a good idea to propose a toast before you have much alcohol in your system. However, do wait until all of the adult guests have received their drinks. Wait until all of the guests are seated. Then, stand up to get the guests’ attention. As you do so, hold your own glass in front of you, a little bit above the level of your waist.

Keep your toast short and concise.

Unless every guest has already met you, introduce yourself briefly. Say a few words about why everyone has gathered together. Then, raise your glass to eye level and share a wish for the future. Start your sentence with “May.” For example, say, “May the happy couple’s love endure forever.” Conclude your toast by dedicating it. For example, say, “To the happy couple.” Then, simply take a sip and take your seat.

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