Gala Themes to Consider

If you’re responsible for planning a gala, choosing a theme will make your job much easier. With a theme to build off of, you can make decisions about things like the color scheme for your table linens and the design of your invitations. A good theme will also make your gala memorable for your guests and keep them interested in your future events. As you consider your theme options, keep these ideas in mind.


If you’re hosting a black-tie gala, then a masquerade theme fits perfectly. Use low lighting and a three-color palate for your table linen rentals, or choose a single color you can accent with gold or silver. Ballroom dancing is a must at a masquerade event, do don’t forget to rent a dance floor. Live music and upscale accessories are part of pulling this fashionable theme together, so look for luxury features when choosing your party supply rentals.


For a gala that is sure to be full of action, build around a Vegas theme. Borrow colors from playing chips and cards to inspire your décor. Game stations are must, so make sure you rent extra tables for things like poker matches and black jack. Consider putting a deck of cards and other game supplies at each table, so that guests can form their own games. Be sure to have some prizes on hand to award the winners of your pseudo-casino games.

Under the Sea

Taking inspiration from the ocean is a tried-and-true theme for a gala. You can opt to take your décor in the direction of a Caribbean theme or go for a nautical look to pull this kind of event together. Blues and green table linen rentals can set the tone for the event, and a seafood-based menu will bring the theme together.

Whatever theme you settle on for your gala, American Party Rental has everything you need to bring your vision together. To find out more about our selection and learn how to rent the party supplies in Austin you need , call us at 512-837-6500.

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