Top Mistakes That Brides Make When Wedding Planning

From picking a date and creating a guest list to organizing the wedding rentals and choosing a cake flavor, there’s a lot that goes into wedding planning. To help ensure that your big day goes as smoothly as possible, read on to learn a few of the top mistakes that brides make when wedding planning.

Failing to Budget Properly

Having a general idea of how much you can spend on your wedding is a good place to start, but avoid making plans without having a detailed budget in place. Many brides factor in only the major expenses when wedding planning, such as the venue and catering, and are hit with an unpleasant surprise when the full cost of the event that they planned comes to light. To prevent going over your budget, create a budget that accounts for everything from the food to the favors.

Skipping a Plan B

If you’re organizing a warm season wedding, then you may be like many other brides who are planning to hold the event outside. Outdoor weddings are favored by many people because of their natural beauty, but the weather makes planning events like these something of a gamble. For this reason, you should consider having a backup plan at the ready, so that you won’t have to worry about rain ruining your wedding day.

Forgetting About the Guests

With the multitude of decisions to make and things to do, it’s not uncommon for brides to overlook what their guests will experience from start to finish. For example, if there will be a span between the ceremony and reception, then ensure that your guests will be able to enjoy themselves in some way while they wait. Also, if you have family or friends flying in, then consider creating a list of local sights and activities that they can experience while in town.

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