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How to Host a Holiday Office Party

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Who says you can’t have fun at the office? You can show your employees a great time this season by planning a holiday office party. American Party Rental can help you plan the perfect party with our amazing selection of party rentals. Here are some important steps to remember as you use our party rentals to host a festive holiday office party:

  • Decorate the office

If you are hosting the party inside of the office, then you will need to make it look more festive than usual. This will help your employees forget about work responsibilities and get in the holiday spirit. You can decorate with streamers, tinsel, holiday wreaths, ornaments, and other festive winter decorations.

  • Design a menu

Who doesn’t love to eat, drink, and be merry around the holidays? You can show your employees how much you appreciate them by designing a wonderful menu filled with enticing food and drinks. Add elegance to your event by serving your food on China plate rentals from American Party Rental. We also offer China cups, punch bowls, drink dispensers, and many other serving tools that will make your holiday office party classier and more organized.

  • Pick entertainment

It is important to keep party guests entertained throughout the entire event. Rent a raffle barrel and host a holiday raffle to reward employees. Some of our other entertainment options include classic carnival games such as ring toss, skee ball, and wheel of chance. If you want to enhance your holiday office decorations, you can rent our snow machine and make it feel like winter inside or outside of the office!

  • Have a blast

The party host may have a number of responsibilities to tend to during the party, but it is important to relax and have fun along with your guests! Make sure you take advantage of the event by indulging in the food and drinks, sharing conversations with coworkers, and spending plenty of time on the dance floor.

American Party Rental has everything you need for a fun and memorable holiday office party. You can find out more about our party rentals by contacting us today at (512) 837-6500 or by visiting our website. 

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Family All Together At Christmas Dinner


American Party Rental is a rental service that you can trust. Just visit our website and take a look at our reviews from real Austin customers to find out more. 

Austin homeowners can reduce their Christmas stress by using rental dishware and following the tips in this informative guide from SeriousEats.com.

Celiac.com can help you plan a gluten-free menu for your next Christmas dinner.

Find tips for planning a holiday dinner party in this article from SheKnows.com.

This party planning checklist from MarthaStewart.com can help you ensure that your next holiday dinner party is a success.

Renting formal dishware, rather than using disposable items, is a great way to green your holiday party. Find out more with this article from the EPA.

Contact us for a quote at (512) 837-6500. You can also learn more about party planning and the benefits of renting by reading over these online resources.

3 Benefits of Renting Your Dishware For Your Holiday Party

Autumn place settings with pumpkins

Parties are all about food and drinks, so your dishware is bound to see a lot of use during the holiday party season. That’s why dishware is a perfect item to rent during the holiday season. You can save time and keep your favorite items safe by choosing a professional party rental service to provide the dishes for your next holiday event.

Simple Logistics: Planning a holiday party requires you to manage many chores at once. You can shrink your to-do list and make your party plans more manageable by letting a rental service provide your dishware. You can hire your equipment rental company to perform setup and takedown for you, making it easier for you to prepare for and enjoy your party.

Cost Effectiveness: Dish rental can make it easier to serve a big holiday meal at an affordable price. After all, the purchase price of formal dishware would be much higher than the rental rate. While you could use dishes you already own, you risk them being broken as people are swept up in holiday cheer, leaving you with an incomplete set. Plus, plate rental gives you more flexibility than purchasing dishware does, as you can simply amend your rental order if there is a last-minute change in the guest list. In addition, getting a quote for the complete cost of your dishware rental will make it easier to create a budget for the event.

Reduced Waste: If you will be hosting a large holiday party, you may be tempted to simply use disposable plates, cups, and flatware instead of purchasing reusable ones. You can avoid this unnecessary waste by renting dishware for the party.

Get in touch with American Party Rental if your holiday event needs a full set of plates and serving dishes. You can browse our catalog of rental items by visiting our website. You can also call us at (512) 837-6500 if you would like to speak directly to one of our associates.    

3 Tips for Renting the Perfect Tent Size for Your Party


Whether you’re preparing for an outdoor wedding celebration or a family reunion, choosing the perfect size for your rental party tent is essential. Read on to learn about specific considerations you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect tent size for your party.

  • Determine the Guest Count: The first step in determining what size party tent you will need is simply to get an accurate guest count. Without an accurate estimation of your guest count, it’s impossible to figure out how many tables and seats you will need, which in turn makes it impossible to know how large of an area your tent will need to cover. Track your RSVP numbers to get an accurate estimate.
  • Do a Little Math: A 60-inch round table is often the table of choice for large party events. Each of these tables requires a 10-foot by 10-foot area, and is capable of seating eight guests. Using this information, you can do a little bit of math to determine how many tables and how many square feet you will need. For instance, if you have 120 guests with eight guests seated per table, you’ll need 15 tables and a minimum of 1,500 square feet of room to have a comfortable event.
  • Consider Other Party Elements: In the above scenario, it is important to remember that the 1,500 square feet alone may not be enough. You’ll also need to account for buffet tables, bar areas, and even a DJ area. The worst outcome you can have is an undersized tent that exposes your food and guests to the elements. Calculate how much room you will need for these specific areas to ensure that you have adequate space for a comfortable event.

American Party Rental is Austin’s source for quality rental items. From tents to chairs, we can help you prepare for a successful party. Call us today at (512) 837-6500 to find out more information about our top-notch rentals. 

3 Tips for Planning a Thanksgiving Menu that Every Guest Will Love

Thanksgivilng dinner

The hallmarks of a great Thanksgiving party are family fun, delicious food, and afternoon naps. However, the success of the entire day depends on the meal. You can help ensure that you host a great holiday dinner by handling logistics, such as dishware rental and menu planning, well in advance. Use this Thanksgiving menu guide to plan a meal that every guest will love.

Remember Allergies: An inclusive Thanksgiving menu always require a bit of research. First, determine if any of your guests have allergies or food restrictions. You should be especially conscious of guests with gluten allergies or nut allergies. You can help prevent allergic reactions and ensure that no guest goes hungry by including several allergy-friendly alternatives in your Thanksgiving spread.

Think Green: One of the easiest ways to create an accessible Thanksgiving menu is to focus on the vegetables. There are many ways to make a meat-free dish that is palatable for every set of taste buds. Mashed potatoes, for example, are a Thanksgiving favorite that any guest can enjoy—remember to provide a meatless gravy option, too. You could even prepare a tofu turkey if your guest list includes several vegetarians. However, a varied selection of tasty veggie dishes can also act as a stand-in for the traditional bird.

Recruit Help: You don’t have to tackle the Thanksgiving challenge alone. This is especially true if you are cooking a tricky dish or preparing food for a specialty diet. Simply ask a friend to offer tips or help you prepare the dish ahead of time.

You can save time and effort this Thanksgiving by renting your service materials from American Party Rental. We can provide formal dishware, table linens, and more. Call us at (512) 837-6500 if you have questions about our diverse inventory. 

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