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3 Great Themes for Your Winter Events

Wintery cupcakes to celebrate New Year

Don’t let the post-holiday slump ruin the rest of your winter—instead, take control and organize a winter-themed party that brings joy back to your family and friends! With the right party rentals, you can easily plan an event of any size. Consider trying one of the following themes when throwing your winter party:

  • Winter Sports

The weather might not be as nice as it is during the other seasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay holed up inside. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to organize a party based around your favorite winter sport. Whether you want to rent out the local ice rink or winterize a different season’s sport, a winter sports party is a great way to get everyone energized and moving.

  • Beach Party

What better way to get rid of the winter blues than to pretend it’s summer? With the right party supplies and equipment rentals, you can easily transform your yard into a warm and beautiful beach. Get a few portable heaters blowing into your rental party tents, and you might just be able to convince your guests that they have escaped to a tropical paradise!

  • Warm Beverage Potluck

Whether you prefer hot chocolate, tea, or a traditional cup of coffee, you can throw a family-friendly gathering centered around sharing favorite hot drinks. Renting a few tables and chairs enables you to set up a huge array of beverages and garnishes. The added warmth from these drinks will help you make it through the home stretch of winter.

American Party Rental is your solution for all things party in Austin! Whether you are planning a seasonal soiree or a wedding reception, we have everything you need to make your event great. To learn more about our supplies or to start your order, call (512) 837-6500 today.

Wedding Planning 101: Reception

A wedding reception is the largest party that many people will ever throw—and planning it can be quite a daunting task. Watch this video for some tips on organizing a successful reception.

The final headcount for your wedding will have a large impact on the type and amount of party rentals that you will need. Since the reception usually encompasses at least half of your budget, proper planning can help you save money. By making a seating chart in advance, you will know exactly how many tables and chairs to rent.

American Party Rental keeps Austin partying with a variety of equipment rentals! As you start to solidify the details for your wedding reception, we can supply you with everything you need to have a memorable time. To learn more, call (512) 837-6500 today.

Check Out These Webpages To Learn More About Planning A Fantastic Holiday Event!

Beautiful young woman buying presents

Are you getting ready to celebrate the holidays with friends, family, or coworkers? If so, then you can use these resources to get some tips for planning an unforgettable bash! 

  • You can find inspiration for your holiday party menu by checking out this article from SheKnows.com.

You can also get everything you need to set up your special event from American Party Rental. Call us at (512) 837-6500 for more information.

Top 3 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Party Budget

Toast for success

Creating a party-planning budget helps you hold the kind of event you want without depleting your finances. Before you start planning, set a budget with a firm maximum amount and use the following tips to stick to it:

  • Create Lists of Specific Expenses

A general budget might put you in the right direction, but a budget broken down into separate expenses will show you exactly how much money you have available in each area. Put equipment rentals, such as tables and chairs, tents, and even china, into one distinctive category. Place your food and beverage expenses into a separate category and your decorations into yet another one. Keeping your expected costs organized will show you where you can afford to splurge and where you need to cut back.

  • Get Estimates Before You Buy

Once you know how much you can spend, it is very important to diligently stick to your budget. Take the time to ask for estimates before you buy or rent any of your party supplies, and check these figures against your budget so you can proceed with confidence. If you find that the estimated cost for a specific category exceeds your budget, consider adjusting the amount you plan to spend in another area to compensate.

  • Keep Your Receipts

Whenever you spend money, it's important to keep a detailed record of it. Make a folder for receipts pertaining to the party, and periodically revise your budget to account for the new expenses.

American Party Rental in Austin can help you throw an amazing party on any budget. Take advantage of our online specials to save money on your party supplies and ease the pressure on your budget. Whether you need tables and chairs or a dance floor and disco lighting, we can set you up! To learn more about our rental catalog, visit our website or call (512) 837-6500.

4 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Holiday Office Party

Who says you can’t have fun at the office? You can show your employees a great time this season by planning a holiday office party. American Party Rental can help you plan the perfect party with our amazing selection of party rentals. Here are some important steps to remember as you use our party rentals to host a festive holiday office party:

Portrait of friends celebrating Christmas

  • Decorate the office

If you are hosting the party inside of the office, then you will need to make it look more festive than usual. This will help your employees forget about work responsibilities and get in the holiday spirit. You can decorate with streamers, tinsel, holiday wreaths, ornaments, and other festive winter decorations.

  • Design a menu

Who doesn’t love to eat, drink, and be merry around the holidays? You can show your employees how much you appreciate them by designing a wonderful menu filled with enticing food and drinks. Add elegance to your event by serving your food on China plate rentals from American Party Rental. We also offer China cups, punch bowls, drink dispensers, and many other serving tools that will make your holiday office party classier and more organized.

  • Pick entertainment

It is important to keep party guests entertained throughout the entire event. Rent a raffle barrel and host a holiday raffle to reward employees. Some of our other entertainment options include classic carnival games such as ring toss, skee ball, and wheel of chance. If you want to enhance your holiday office decorations, you can rent our snow machine and make it feel like winter inside or outside of the office!

  • Have a blast

The party host may have a number of responsibilities to tend to during the party, but it is important to relax and have fun along with your guests! Make sure you take advantage of the event by indulging in the food and drinks, sharing conversations with coworkers, and spending plenty of time on the dance floor.

American Party Rental has everything you need for a fun and memorable holiday office party. You can find out more about our party rentals by contacting us today at (512) 837-6500 or by visiting our website. 

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