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Don't Let Allergies Ruin Your Wedding

Wedding-related nightmares are common. Just ask any bride, and she’ll probably tell you that she’s had nightmares about walking down the aisle in pajamas, or about consuming a food allergen during the reception and getting a horrible reaction to it. Taking a proactive, organized approach to wedding planning is the trick to calming these fears. So while you’re coordinating with the caterer and arranging wedding rentals, keep a list of your worries. Write down your concerns about everything from allergies to the weather, and deal with them one at a time.

Pollen Allergies

Outdoor weddings are romantic, but sneezing and sniffling your way through your vows aren’t the type of memories you want. If you or other attendees have severe pollen allergies, make arrangements for an enclosed tent rental. It’s not foolproof, but it should help keep everyone comfortable. Consider having it set up a day or two in advance, and running some heavy-duty air purifiers with HEPA filters before the ceremony.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can lead to life-threatening reactions. When you send out your invitations, ask your guests to RSVP with information about food allergies and sensitivities. Talk to the caterer about these issues, and have a variety of hors d’oeuvres and meal options to choose from. It can be particularly tricky for guests to determine if an appetizer is safe to eat, as these tend to be wrapped or rolled. Ask the caterer to put small signs on each platter to identify potential allergens.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is an itchy skin reaction to an allergen or irritant. This won’t necessarily be a problem for your guests, but it might be a problem for your ring finger. Make sure your jeweler is aware of any metal allergies or sensitivities you have. Nickel allergies are the most common.

American Party Rental is your source for top-quality rentals at affordable prices. We offer a full menu of wedding supplies for brides near Austin, TX, including enclosed and open tent rentals, china, and table linens. Get started planning your big day by giving us a call at (512) 236-5773.

Basic Steps for Planning a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are the lifeblood of charitable organizations, and these organizations rely on dedicated people like you to make these events happen. Before spreading the word about your fundraiser, take some time to get organized. Determine the type of fundraiser you want to hold, such as a charity walk or run, silent auction, or carnival-style fair. Next, you’ll have to create a budget for your event rentals, as you’ll learn when you watch this featured video.

This video outlines some other essential steps to take. You can enlist your friends and family to help. You’ll also put out a call for volunteers, and market your event. Once the money has been raised and counted, and the event rentals are all returned, remember to send a thank you note to all of the people who helped you.

When you’re ready to select fundraiser event rentals in Austin, TX, you can turn to the expert team at American Party Rental. Call (512) 236-5773 or visit us online to browse our tables, chairs, and tent rentals.

Top Benefits of Trade Shows

Whether you’re renting a vendor’s booth or hosting the entire trade show, your organization can benefit considerably from these events. Trade shows are an effective way to build brand awareness quickly, and let potential customers experience for themselves what your products or services can do for them. And, thanks to event rentals, trade shows are also cost-effective.

Trade shows are a highly targeted form of marketing. People come from all over to visit niche trade shows. This means that whatever your company is selling, they’re already interested in buying it. You’ll have the opportunity to build interactive relationships with potential customers. Plus, the contact information you can obtain from these customers allows you to send out promotional offers and materials year-round.

Tent rentals in Austin, TX are available from American Party Rental—a local leader in trade show, company party, and fundraiser event rentals. Call (512) 236-5773, and let us know how we can help you make your company’s trade show a success.

What Are My Options for Table Linens?

When it comes to table linens, your imagination is the limit in terms of colors and patterns to fit in with any design you might think up. But what are your options when it comes to tablecloths? There are a few shapes and sizes to choose from, and you can go with multiple layers for a distinctive final look.

In addition to basic tablecloths, which cover the tops of your tables and leave the legs exposed, you can find runners, skirts, and overlays. Runners are long and thin, and they serve as decorative accents, either running the length of the table or drawing attention to a centerpiece. Table skirts are longer than tablecloths, offering a more formal aesthetic. Overlays come in fabrics like lace and organza, which can be layered over solid-colored tablecloths to add more texture.

Whatever you have in mind for your table linens, you can find it with American Party Rental. To explore our linen rental selection in Austin, visit our website today. You can also call us at (512) 236-5773 for questions about our rental process or party planning tips.

Quinceanera Planning 101

A Quinceanera only happens once in your daughter’s life, so it’s important to make the celebration a special one that she’ll remember for years to come. Planning a Quinceanera is like planning any other special event in Austin, in that you’ll need to book a venue, send out invitations early, and tend to all the event rentals that provide seating, décor, and table settings to the celebration. Along with these essential party planning considerations, you’ll want to remember the following specific guidelines for a successful and memorable Quinceanera.

Set Aside Plenty of Time for the Wardrobe Selection

One of the most essential features of any Quinceanera is the dress. Whatever color or design your daughter chooses for her gown, it should set the tone for the décor and style of the rest of the event. You may need to order the dress well in advance and allot time for any last-minute adjustments or fittings before the party.

Prepare a Dance Floor

No Quinceanera would be complete without music from a live band or DJ as well as a dance floor. Dancing is a centerpiece of the event, and many girls of honor will choose to have a surprise dance showing off special choreography.

Plan the Guest List Early

Because the Quinceanera is a coming of age event, it is a time to invite the whole family, who should be given plenty of notice to plan their travel arrangements to get to the party. You should also give your daughter final say over which friends she wants to invite and be sure that you choose a venue large enough to accommodate everyone.

As you plan any celebration in Austin, you can find the supplies you need to bring it together with American Party Rental. We have everything from table linens, chairs, and dancefloors to games and décor. To explore our catalog, visit our website or give us a call at (512) 236-5773.

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