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Chair Accessories That Add Extra Style to Your Event


Renting tables and chairs is a simple and convenient way to provide the perfect seating options for guests during your upcoming event. You will find a fabulous selection of stylish, comfortable, and functional tables and chairs for your guests here at American Party Rental.

If you want to add extra style to your event, you can enhance your chair rentals with the addition of chair accessories! These luxuries add to the overall appearance of your chairs, making it easier for party planners to incorporate themes and colors into every element of the event. Our selection of chair accessories includes an assortment of sashes and covers that flawlessly add style to our wonderful chair rentals.

American Party Rental is Austin’s best choice for party supplies for any event. Learn more about our tables, chairs, and accessories by taking a look at our website or calling our friendly team today at (888) 717-7301.

5 Stylish Touches to Make Your Garden Party Unforgettable

Fine Banquet Table Setting With Bouquet

Spring offers many opportunities to spend time with friends and family members. You can take advantage of the beautiful weather by hosting a fabulous garden party! Finding the right party rentals is essential for putting together an unforgettable celebration. Make sure to include these stylish touches for your upcoming event:

  • Tent Rental

Nothing is better than spending time outside during the warm months of spring! If you host an outdoor party, it is important to rent a tent or canopy to provide the perfect amount of shade to keep guests cool and comfortable during the day. Select the right size to accommodate guests and any planned activities.

  • Plant Stands

Enhance the mood of your garden party by displaying a variety of beautiful plants. Choose plants from your own garden or visit a nursery to find stunning plants that add natural color and beauty to your event space. Display these plants by renting plant stands from a party rental company.

  • Colorful Tablecloths

Bright and vibrant colors add an element of excitement that fits in perfectly with a spring garden party. Find a party rental company that offers tablecloth rentals, and choose colorful options that encourage guests to participate in all of the festivities at your special event.

  • Decorative Cake Stands

Are you going to serve cake, cupcakes, or another sweet treat at your spring party? If so, cake stands are a must! These rental pieces provide a stable spot for pastries while also putting them on display for guests to enjoy.

  • Chocolate or Beverage Fountains

Your guests are sure to remember your event when they see a chocolate or beverage fountain! Serve your guests tasty chocolate treats or enticing glasses of champagne with an eye-catching fountain rental.

You can find all of these party rentals and many more here at American Party Rental. Learn more about our Austin party supplies, such as tables and chairs, by visiting our website or calling us at (888) 717-7301!

Watch: Setting a Springtime Table for Your Next Event

Are you planning a party for a spring event such as a birthday or graduation? If so, you can enhance the mood of the event by incorporating plenty of spring-inspired elements into the celebration!

Watch this video to get ideas for your springtime event table. Pick a theme to stay organized while planning your party. Start by choosing the right colors or patterns for your tablecloths, and then find dishes that complement those colors. Look for other decorative elements that fit in with your theme and offer spring-inspired touches that guests are sure to notice.

You can find all of the party supplies you need here at American Party Rental! Take a look at our selection of Austin party rentals on our website, or call us at (888) 717-7301 to start planning your spring event.

Creating a Perfect Wedding with Party Rentals [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are the essential pieces of a perfect wedding? Though the right party rentals for your wedding depend on your venue and style, one thing is certain: renting supplies is a simple, cost-effective way to pull off the wedding of your dreams.

An Austin wedding supply rental company put together this infographic to show the basic items that help weddings go smoothly. Decide which items are right for your ceremony, then share this information with all of the other brides and grooms out there who are also planning their nuptials. 


How Renting Table Linens and Dishes Keeps Your Graduation Party Green

Happy graduation

Graduation season is approaching! If your child is getting ready to graduate, you can show your pride by planning a graduation party. We offer a variety of party supplies here at American Party Rental, making it easy to plan the perfect celebration. Our rentals can help you keep your party green! Discover how renting table linens and party supplies provides an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing disposable items:

  • Prevents Disposal of Unrecyclable Items

You may think that all of the disposable paper products used during parties can be recycled, but many of these items are not acceptable for the recycling bin in many parts of the country! Some paper products, like paper cups, feature plastic coatings designed to prevent spills or leaks. These plastic coatings cannot be recycled, making rental dishes a much greener option.

  • Stops Recyclable Items from Becoming Unrecyclable

Many paper products are recyclable, which is why many party planners include a recycle bin as well as a trash can for guests. Even if you have a recycle bin at your graduation party, though, your paper products may not meet recycle guideline standards. Grease and food residue typically make paper products unrecyclable. When you rent dishes, you won’t have to worry about food or grease leftovers!

  • Saves Space for Other Recyclable Items

If you end up with a lot of used plates, napkins, tablecloths, and other paper products, you will likely fill up your home recycle bin or trash can with these items. Renting reusable tablecloths, dishes, and other pieces allows you to save space for other recyclable items that you collect throughout the week.

  • Inspires Others to Go Green

When your child’s friends and their parents see your reusable party rentals, they will be inspired to go green as well! Renting reusable items is an easy way to go green and show others how simple it is to be eco-friendly while celebrating.

American Party Rental offers Austin’s best selection of table linens and party supplies. We can help you plan any celebration this spring and summer. If you are ready to start planning your graduation party, give us a call at (888) 717-7301!

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