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Advice for Managing Your Wedding Invitations

When you are planning your wedding, it is important to put together your guest list and design your invitations. In this video, you will receive some essential advice that will help you manage your wedding invitations. Before you send out your invitations, decide on the size of your wedding, as well as your budget. After you have sent out your invitations, you will be ready to reserve your wedding rentals.

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A Guide to Picking Your Wedding Colors

Wedding colors are an important element of your wedding, and there are many ways that they will show up throughout your big day. Your colors are often showcased in your table linens, decorations, and bridal party attire, so it is important to choose the best colors to represent you and your future spouse. You can take inspiration from your venue, the color wheel, and your wedding essentials. Read on to get a better understanding of picking out your wedding colors.

Look at Your Surroundings

Your wedding venue could have a lot of influence on your colors, especially if the venue has a memorable décor scheme or exterior landscaping. If your venue has a milder color palette, however, then you can choose bolder colors in your table linens and decorations. If you are still looking for inspiration, then consider the key features of the venue. Pull color ideas from a garden, banquet hall, or décor theme.

Remember Your Must-Haves

You may have certain necessities for your wedding ceremony or reception, such as a special decoration or family heirloom addition. Take these must-haves into consideration when choosing your colors. For example, if you are wearing a handed-down wedding gown made of ivory lace, then make sure your colors and table linen rentals will not clash with the design. If you have a favorite color that may not complement your must-haves, then consider choosing a similar shade or your next favorite color.

Consider the Color Wheel

The color wheel is an important resource when choosing the right colors for your big day. A color wheel shows the relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Use this resource to find matching and complementary colors that will showcase different elements of your wedding, such as your centerpieces, table linens, and china patterns.

Go with American Party Rental for all of your wedding rentals near Austin, TX. We carry a wide selection of linens, decorations, and equipment to complete your special day. Give us a call at (512) 236-5773 to make an appointment with our rental specialists and find the perfect accessories for your wedding.

Invitation Etiquette 101

There are a few simple etiquette rules surrounding invitations to special events, such as including special instructions and requesting a response date. These rules help hosts plan the details of their events, such as the number of party supplies to rent. Here is a brief look at the rules of invitation etiquette:

Send in a Timely Manner

Time is important when sending out invitations to a special event. Guests need at least a few weeks to plan their schedules and travel plans before a party. The time limit to send out invitations may change based on the type of event. For example, wedding invitations should be sent out two months or more before the date. However, birthday invitations for a casual affair can be sent out a couple weeks before the event.

State Special Instructions

If there are special instructions for the event—such as showing up early for a surprise or requests for no gifts—then state them clearly on the invitation. Guests should be aware of these instructions, restrictions, or requests to properly prepare ahead of the event. It is also polite to include a phone number for guests to call in case they have any questions about the instructions.

Request for Response

All invitations should include a request for a response from guests. Many times, party supplies and venues must be reserved by a certain date, so it is important to know the number of guests attending the event. Include a date that guests must respond by to ensure there is an accurate count. It is also helpful to include at least two means of contact. For example, a phone number and email address should be stated under the reply date.

American Party Rental has all of the necessary party equipment for any type of event. We also provide planning services for parties near Austin, TX. Please visit us online or call us at (512) 236-5773 to view our rental catalog and learn more about our many services.

Picking Party Games for Your Young Guests

There are so many party supplies and games that you can use to make your child’s next party a memorable affair. No matter what the party theme is, you can choose from classic games like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” or “Duck Pond.” These games and more are sure to make your child and her guests have a great time. Let’s take a look at how you can choose the perfect party games for your young guests.

Take a cue from the party theme or your child’s favorite games to help you decide the details of the entertainment. For example, if your child likes to throw balls, then rent the “Potty Toss Game” or “Whip-N-Skip.” If you are planning a simple backyard party, then consider classic games like “Bean Toss” or “Horseshoes.”

We at American Party Rental can help you plan the perfect birthday party near Austin, TX. We carry a vast supply of party rentals, birthday decorations, and games to make your child’s party the highlight of her year. We are available for more information at (512) 236-5773.

Start Your Party Planning Off Right with DIY Invitations

Your party requires many elements to be a success, such as party equipment and beautiful table linens. You can get the party started off the right way, though, with do-it-yourself invitations. Watch the video and continue reading to learn about DIY invitations.

The video below shows silk screen printing and gold additives that make the invitations pop. You can make your own invitations stand out with simple pieces of equipment and imagination. Plan the wording and design before printing all of your invites, so you can ensure that they relay the correct information to your guests.

Rent your party supplies and birthday decorations in Austin, TX with American Party Rental. We have many colors and designs in our rentals to complement any theme you have in mind. Give us a call at (512) 236-5773 to set up an appointment with our rental specialists.

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