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Wedding Rental Advice for Budget-Conscious Brides

When you start planning a wedding, one thing becomes clear very quickly—weddings are expensive. However, there are tons of ways to save money that can allow you to have the wedding of your dreams without blowing your budget. As you run down your to-do list of choosing a venue, reserving wedding rentals, and picking out your menu, keep these budget-conscious ideas in mind to help you save money.

Choose Your Date Wisely

Saturday is the most popular day to get married, which also makes it the most expensive. Many brides are turning to Thursday, Friday, and Sunday to have the wedding of their dreams with a lower price tag. These days are considered off days, so venues are less expensive, and as an added benefit, you don’t have to book them so far in advance. You can also save money by avoiding a summer wedding, which is peak season, for a less popular time of year.

Get Creative with Your Cake

Wedding cakes are surprisingly costly, but you can have a beautiful cake without breaking the bank. First, let your favorite grocery store do your wedding cake instead of a high-end bakery. Your guests will still love the taste, and you could save hundreds. Instead of getting a wedding cake large enough to feed all of your guests, get a smaller cake for display, and have your caterer serve slices of sheet cake from the kitchen in the same flavor as your cake.

Pick a Venue That Gives You Flexibility

Some venues handle all of the catering and supplies in-house, while others have a list of vendors that they require you to choose. Pick a venue that lets you shop around and find your own vendors for food, party supplies, and other wedding services, so you are in control of the price.

American Party Supply can help you choose the perfect wedding rentals in Austin, TX for your big day with your budget in mind. Our selection of wedding supplies makes it easy to get the look you want at a price you can afford. Start the rental process today by calling (512) 236-5773.

How Early Do You Need to Reserve Party Item Rentals?

When it comes to getting party supplies for your event, how soon do you need to reserve the items you need? The demand for event rentals can vary, so planning your timeline appropriately will help you avoid disappointment.

Generally, if you know what party supplies you need and the date of your event, there is no benefit to waiting to make your rental request. Reserving your items as far in advance as possible will ensure you don’t have to compromise. When you’re planning your party, keep seasonal demands in mind. For example, summer is peak season for weddings, so if you’re planning a summertime ceremony, you will need to request rentals several months in advance.

Contact American Party Rental in Austin, TX for all of your party supply needs, whether you’re way head of the curve in your planning or pulling together last-minute details. Learn more about all of our services by calling 512-837-6500.

Avoid These Common Event Planning Mistakes

There’s a lot to accomplish when you’re responsible for planning an event. If you don’t already own the materials you need, look into event rentals to save time and money. Watch this video and avoid these common event planning mistakes.

Mistakes are going to set you back and will cause unnecessary stress when you plan your event, so try to avoid them at all costs. First, make sure you know what the purpose of your event is and what you hope to accomplish. Budget carefully so you can find supplies and rentals that fit into your price range, and don’t save anything until the last minute.

Picking up event rentals near Austin, TX, is part of the planning process, so make sure you’ve gotten all the company party rentals you need. American Party Rental can help you find what you’re looking for, so call us at 512-837-6500 today.

Planning Your Child's Carnival-Themed Birthday Party

You can do a lot with a carnival-themed birthday party, as long as you look for the right party supplies and rentals beforehand. There are plenty of games you can play and types of cake to eat, and tying the whole theme together with the right party supplies can make a world of difference. Read on to learn how to plan your child’s carnival-themed birthday party.

Playing Games

Carnivals are all about breaking the fourth wall and being silly, playful, and engaging, so there are a lot of carnival-themed games you can organize for your child’s birthday party. It doesn’t take many party supplies to fill your child’s carnival-themed birthday party with interactive games. One of the easiest games to put together is a watermelon eating contest. The fun part is that kids get to be messy while eating food that’s good for them, so the experience is as nutritious as it is fun.

Eating Cake

The high point of a child’s birthday party is the cutting and eating of the cake, so choose the right kind of cake for your child’s carnival themed birthday party. If you’re throwing a birthday party for two children whose birthdays happen right around the same time, either buy separate cakes for the event or talk to both children so you can choose a type of cake that fits both of their tastes.

Finding Party Supplies

You might not have the party supplies you need for a carnival-themed event, but there’s good news: You can rent your party materials so you don’t have to outright buy them. This way you can both save money and give your child the best carnival-themed birthday party possible. Your party rental pros will also help you find what you need to prepare for the party.

No matter what theme your child chooses for his or her birthday party, you need to find the right party supplies serving Austin, TX, to make it come to life. Call American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773 to learn about our party equipment and birthday accessories so you can give your child the birthday party of a lifetime.

Table Linen Sizes and Shapes

In order to pick the right table linens for the occasion, you have to think about everything from the size of the table to the formality of the event. Additionally, consider the overall color scheme of the event so you can choose the right color tablecloth. Here’s what you need to know about table linen sizes and shapes.

Start by thinking about what kind of event the table linens are for. If they are for a more formal event like a business party, you might want a longer overhang in your table cloth. This is especially true for longer tables—you want to cover more of the space underneath the table with a long cloth. For less formal dinners and smaller tables, there doesn’t need to be so much overhang. Choose the right shape by looking at the shape of the table. A round tablecloth works for round tables, and square tables need square cloths.

There’s more to choosing table linens than you might think, so call American Party Rental at 512-837-6500 and let us point you in the right direction. We carry party supplies serving Austin, TX, including table and linen rentals. Check out our website for more details.

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