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Do I Have to Pay for Stains on Rented Table Linens?

Stains are almost inevitable when you’re using table linens at a party. The question many people have about table linen rental is whether these stains are going to cost them extra when the party is over. The answer depends on the type of stain.

In the vast majority of cases, stains will come out of linens easily, in which case you will not be charged. Issues only arise when stains require special treatments or are permanent. If special cleaning treatments are needed to remove the stains or if the stains cannot be removed, then you may face a fee to replace the table linens. Check your rental agreement for the rules regarding the specific linens you’re using, or ask the party store rep when you make your rental reservation for more information.

Whether you want table linens for a small company party or a huge wedding, American Party Rental has everything you need to make your event special. To learn more, call our party supply store in Austin, TX, at 512-837-6500.

Planning a Bridal Shower Luncheon

A luncheon is a popular choice for bridal showers, since it’s a good time of day for a multigenerational gathering. If you’re hosting a luncheon, there are many different options for décor and themes, depending on the bride’s style and the size of the guest list. With party supply rentals, you can get everything you need for the event without the added expense of purchasing everything. Here are some tips for planning a bridal shower luncheon to remember.

Make a Guest List

The guest list will inform many of your other decisions, so start by deciding who will make the cut. The wedding party and mothers of the bride and groom should naturally be invited, as well as close friends of the bride. Family and friends who are out of town may not be able to travel for the shower, but ask the bride if they should still receive invitations, so that they can be included. Remember that you’re not trying to recreate the wedding guest list. Instead, focus on a smaller circle of people who have meaningful relationships with the bride.

Plan the Menu

Before you can rent party supplies, you need to plan your menu, as it will dictate the kinds of dishes, flatware, and glasses you will need. Many people opt for a selection of salads for bridal luncheons, but you can also think outside the box and serve up a favorite meal of the brides or takeout from her favorite restaurant. Don’t forget to add a selection of drinks and desserts, and make accommodations for any guests’ food allergies.

Rent Party Supplies

Once you know how many guests you’ll have and what you’ll be serving, you can rent party supplies for the event. Choose the appropriate dishes, glasses, and flatware for the food you’re serving, and don’t forget serving dishes and utensils. Table linens are also a must-have for a bridal luncheon. Go for a seasonal look or opt for similar colors to the wedding.

American Party Rental has everything you need for the perfect bridal luncheon, from chairs and tables to linens and glasses. Contact our party store in Austin, TX, to reserve your rentals by calling 512-837-6500.

What Glassware Do You Need for Your Party?

When you’re making your party supplies list, glassware is an essential item. However, deciding exactly what kind of glasses to get can be confusing, especially if your event is going to have a full bar. This video will help you decide what party rentals you need.

Aside from the usual soda, beer, and wine glasses, you need specific glasses for cocktails if you have a full bar. Four glasses will help you serve up a huge array of cocktails, so be sure they are among the party equipment you rent.

American Party Rental makes it easy and affordable to get the party supplies you need in Austin, TX, for events of all sizes. To reserve your party rentals or to learn more about our selection, call 512-837-6500.

Chair Décor Ideas for Sweet 16 Parties

The right party rentals can make any Sweet 16 birthday party a memorable occasion. In this video, find out how to use your chair rentals and linens to create seating that stands out.

Using Chiavari chairs in a color that matches your décor, tie linens around the backs of the chairs in a large bow. Use some inexpensive ornaments that match your décor and attach them to the chair draping using twist ties, which will hold them in place for your event without damaging your linen rentals.

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, American Party Rental has everything you need to make it special. To learn more about our selection of party supplies in Austin, TX, please call (512) 236-5773.

Tips for Planning a 50th Anniversary Party

A 50 th anniversary is an event worth celebrating. Hosting a 50 th anniversary is a great excuse to bring family and friends together while honoring a special relationship. Making a memorable event doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly expensive. By renting party supplies, you can host a beautiful event while saving money your budget. These tips will help you pull together a party your friends and family won’t soon forget.

Send Invitations Early

A 50 th wedding anniversary is the kind of event that many people are willing to travel for. Be sure to send your invitations early enough to allow guests to make travel plans, if necessary. It is also helpful to send invitations early so that even in-town guests can reserve the date as well. This is especially important if your party falls during a busy time of year, such as spring graduation season, summer wedding season, or the holidays.

Embrace the Theme

Gold is the symbol of 50 th anniversaries, so embrace that in your decorating. When picking chair rentals, consider gold Chiavari chairs, or use gold linens for the tables. Gold flatware and gold-rimmed glasses are also good touches. Although gold is traditional for this anniversary, some people take a different approach and revive the colors from couple’s wedding ceremony in their decorating. Whichever color scheme you choose, pick party rentals that enhance your theme.

Rely on Throwbacks

Incorporating things that remind the couple of their wedding day will make the party special for everyone. Create a throwback playlist of songs that were popular at the time the couple got married, and give them a chance to relive their first dance. Make wedding photos part of the décor and recreate their wedding cake to serve to guests.

Let American Party Rental help you make your anniversary party vision a reality, with a huge selection of affordable party rentals. We have everything you need, from table and chair rentals to table linen rentals in Austin, TX in a variety of price points, colors, and sizes. To find out more about renting party supplies, call (512) 236-5773.

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