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Party Rental Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Event

There are many party rentals required to ensure your outdoor event is a success. You will need fans or heaters to keep your guests comfortable during any type of weather, and your catered food needs to be prepared in the proper containers and serving platters to ensure there is no chance of food poisoning. Let’s take a closer look at these must-have rentals for your next outdoor event.

Temperature-Regulating Equipment

The most important element of a successful outdoor event is the weather. Your guests need to be comfortable in a sunny, cloudy, or rainy environment. Keep your guests comfortable in any type of weather by renting tents and temperature-regulating party equipment. This equipment will consist of heaters or fans stationed in key areas around your event. Always keep coolers filled with bottled water to keep your guests hydrated during a summer event.

Comfortable Table and Chair Rentals

Add the right table and chair rentals to your rental list as well. Consider the time of day and the suggested weather during your outdoor event. If it is going to be hot and sunny, then your chair rentals should be light-colored and plastic to avoid hot seats. However, an evening event during cool months can be outfitted with fancier, cushioned chairs. Add chair and table linen rentals to your list to protect these items and keep your guests comfortable.

Safe and Covered Food Selections

If your outdoor event is held during the summer, then consider the type of food you are serving and how it will be contained. There are certain foods and ingredients—such as milk and meats—that must be prepared and contained properly to ensure there is no danger of food poisoning. Your caterer will help determine the right serving platters to keep foods cold or hot as needed.

American Party Rental has all of the necessary party equipment for your Austin, TX outdoor event. Our party rentals are always cleaned and well-kept to ensure you receive quality items. We are available for questions and rental orders at (512) 236-5773.

Could a Morning Wedding Be Right for You?

You and your fiancé have many choices to make for your upcoming wedding. You must decide on the right wedding rentals, venues, and the time and date. Consider the possibilities that can come with a morning wedding, such as lowered expenses and less stress. Continue reading to see if a morning wedding is right for you.

You want an original wedding event.

If you and your fiancé value originality, then a morning wedding is the perfect choice. Weddings are rarely held before the late afternoon, so your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they receive an invitation for a morning wedding and brunch reception. You can serve brunch foods, such as waffles and scrambled eggs, and your guests will be able to enjoy a truly unique wedding event.

You want a cost-effective wedding.

There are several costs that you must consider prior to your wedding day, such as a venue, wedding rentals, and catering. Keep in mind that many of these costs can change depending on the day and time you choose for your wedding. Many venues will lower prices for weddings held during the week or in the morning. Catering costs may lower, as well, because you will serve different foods and little to no alcohol. Price all of your wedding costs for a morning and evening event to see a clear picture of how much money you can save.

You want a stress-free wedding day.

The day leading up to an evening wedding is often filled with nerves, extensive preparation, and last-minute changes. This can make your entire wedding day extremely stressful. You can avoid all of this stress by choosing a morning wedding. You will not have time to linger on nerves or preparation, and you will have the entire day after the wedding to relax.

Choose American Party Rental for your wedding rentals near Austin, TX, and we will help you create an original and beautiful wedding. We carry a wide range of party equipment to suit any type of wedding. Please call us at (512) 236-5773 for more information.

How Long Should a Corporate Party Last?

How Long Should a Corporate Party Last?

Party lengths often depend on the type of party and the time of day it is being held. For example, a child’s birthday party should last only two hours, but an adult birthday party in the evening can last for over four hours. Some time constraints may be required based on the venue’s closing time and if there is a return time on event rentals. These issues and more can dictate the length of a corporate party. Let’s read on for a better look at how long a corporate party may last.

If a corporate party is being held at a venue, then there is likely a predetermined time that the party can start and end. These details should be included on the invitation. If the party is being held somewhere without a formal closing time, then party planners should plan for at least two to four hours of party time.

Don’t get hung up on the party details, like event rentals and party equipment. Let American Party Rental help throw a great corporate party near Austin, TX. Please call us at (512) 236-5773 to learn how we can help.

Planning a Surprise Party for a Milestone Birthday

Planning a Surprise Party for a Milestone Birthday

Planning a surprise party can be a fun challenge, because you have to keep the secret and plan out the details and party rentals to make the party a success. However, a little help from your trusted secret-keeping guests and local party rental company can ensure the surprise party is a success for your loved one.

Inform All Guests

One of the most important elements of planning a successful surprise party involves your guests. Your guests need to keep the secret from the guest of honor to preserve the element of surprise. Ensure that your invitations explicitly state that the party is a surprise and to not discuss it with the birthday person. It is acceptable to make this the largest and most noticeable part of your invitations. Whenever you send out reminders or ask guests for favors, repeat that the party is a surprise to continually reinforce the point of the party.

Reserve Party Rentals

It is crucial to reserve your party rentals well ahead of any type of party. There are several factors that may prevent you from receiving all of the necessary rentals, such as wedding season, holiday season, and late reservations. Get the guest count for your party as soon as possible, and reserve your birthday decorations, chairs, tables, and china rentals several weeks before the date of the party.

Plan a Decoy Activity

Keep your guest of honor busy on the day of the party. Plan a fake activity—that you or a trusted friend accompany on—to keep the birthday person unsuspecting while the party is being set up. Ensure that the guest of honor is wearing appropriate clothing for the party, so he or she will feel comfortable after their fake outing.

Let American Party Rental help you plan the best surprise party near Austin, TX. We have an extensive catalog to outfit your party with decorations, chairs, and linens. We are available for more information at (512) 236-5773.

Handling Food Allergies Among Your Party Guests

Handling Food Allergies Among Your Party Guests

Food allergies and dietary restrictions are common and can lead to stressed party hosts and planners. There are certain etiquette rules when dealing with food allergies. Here is a better look at handling food allergies with your party guests:

As you can see in the video, it may be necessary to call your guests ahead of the party to inquire about their dietary needs. Just as you’ve reserved your party supplies and party equipment, so too should you ask guests and friends if they need special foods. However, if you have dined with certain guests several times before, then it is acceptable to not ask ahead of your party and let the guest make the first move.

Get all of your party rentals and special event rentals near Austin, TX with American Party Rental. We are available to take your rentals reservation at (512) 236-5773.

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