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Planning a Surprise Party for a Milestone Birthday

Planning a Surprise Party for a Milestone Birthday

Planning a surprise party can be a fun challenge, because you have to keep the secret and plan out the details and party rentals to make the party a success. However, a little help from your trusted secret-keeping guests and local party rental company can ensure the surprise party is a success for your loved one.

Inform All Guests

One of the most important elements of planning a successful surprise party involves your guests. Your guests need to keep the secret from the guest of honor to preserve the element of surprise. Ensure that your invitations explicitly state that the party is a surprise and to not discuss it with the birthday person. It is acceptable to make this the largest and most noticeable part of your invitations. Whenever you send out reminders or ask guests for favors, repeat that the party is a surprise to continually reinforce the point of the party.

Reserve Party Rentals

It is crucial to reserve your party rentals well ahead of any type of party. There are several factors that may prevent you from receiving all of the necessary rentals, such as wedding season, holiday season, and late reservations. Get the guest count for your party as soon as possible, and reserve your birthday decorations, chairs, tables, and china rentals several weeks before the date of the party.

Plan a Decoy Activity

Keep your guest of honor busy on the day of the party. Plan a fake activity—that you or a trusted friend accompany on—to keep the birthday person unsuspecting while the party is being set up. Ensure that the guest of honor is wearing appropriate clothing for the party, so he or she will feel comfortable after their fake outing.

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