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Décor Inspiration for a Luau-Themed Party

If you are planning a luau-themed party, then you need some essential party supplies. These supplies, such as tiki torches and colorful table linens, will go a long way toward outfitting your party in a classic island theme. Let’s look at the following inspiration ideas for your next luau party.

Fire and Flames

One of the decorating staples found at any luau party are tiki torches. These fun decorations provide a tropical island feel, and they help keep bugs away from your party and guests. In addition to tiki torches, set up scented candles or flaming centerpieces around the event. These decorations are ideal for setting the mood, and they serve multiple functions. You can also decorate in orange, fuchsia, and red table linens to further complement the flames from your fiery decorations.

Flowers and Leis

A luau party would not be complete without flowers and the always-popular lei garland. Place tropical flowers around your centerpieces, in drinks, and as outfit accessories. Offer your guests a lei garland made of beautiful flowers. Look for flowers with wide, long leaves or petite and open flowers. Tropical flowers may include Philippine Ground Orchids, Frangipanis, and Bamboo Orchids. These flowers all come in a variety of colors to match any tropical hues you might like.

Bamboo and Colors

Other key elements of a luau party are nature and bright colors. Nature party supplies can include bamboo serving utensils, wooden serving bowls, and large, tropical plants. Bright, luau colors often include yellow, orange, pink, and blue. You can incorporate these colors in your flowers and leis, and you can incorporate nature in your tiki torches.

You have many options when it comes to a luau-themed party, and American Party Rental is here to help. We have a lot of party equipment and party accessories in Austin, TX to help complete your next luau. Please call us at (512) 236-5773 to speak with our party planners about the different party supplies you may need.

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