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Rental Supply Essentials for Your Upcoming Corporate Event

Event rentals will always be necessary to host a successful corporate event. Tables, chairs, and audio/visual equipment are vital to making your employees comfortable and helping you present new information from your company. Continue reading for other rental supply essentials you will need.

Tables and Chairs

Depending on the type of corporate event, tables and chairs should be on your list of event rentals. If it is a simple meeting that will only last a couple hours, then you can probably get away with only chairs; however, if you serve snacks or a meal, then add some cocktail tables for a surface to set drinks or round tables for everyone to sit around.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Every corporate event must have audio and visual equipment. It will get very tiring if you or guest speakers must shout to a room full of people, so a microphone and well-placed speakers should be one of the first items you rent. It is also wise to include a presentation, whether it features the company as a whole, a future goal, training, or a specific product. If you have a video or slide presentation, then you will need a projector and visual equipment for everyone to easily see.

Pipes and Drapes

If your corporate event features many guest speakers or involves a lot of energy, then put pipes and drapes on your rental supply list. Pipes and drapes can be used to block an unattractive area of a room; or they can be used to create suspense for guest speakers coming out to speak to an energetic crowd.


Lecterns are necessary when you are giving a speech and have papers to read from. A lectern can have multiple shelves for copies of speeches and other important papers. This is a convenient corporate party rental to keep you and your speakers organized during the event.

Call American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773 to come up with your full list of event rentals near Austin, TX. We have several tables, chairs, and light rentals, as well as other party equipment to complete your upcoming corporate event.

What to Consider When Organizing a Buffet for a Large Gathering

Organizing a successful buffet can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, if you take time to plan efficiently. There are various considerations to keep in mind during your planning process, such as renting the proper party supplies, creating an enticing-looking table, and keeping your guests comfortable. Let’s take a closer look at what you should know when planning a buffet.

Space Is a Necessity

Buffets are a great way to streamline the dining process for your guests, as long as you design your buffet tables correctly. If possible, place your buffet tables in a separate area, clearly away from your dining areas. This will discourage people from congregating near the food and disrupting your streamlined buffet line. Make sure there is ample space at the beginning and end of the buffet line, and keep your drinks on a separate table. Your guests may be tempted to socialize near the drink table, which could impede your buffet line.

Strategy Is Important

When setting up your buffet tables, consider where and how the food will be placed. Preplanning and inventory of your food availability will come in handy. If you have large amounts of a particular food—such as rolls, salad, or mashed potatoes—then place these items at the beginning of the line. Consider the presentation as well; you can create an interesting-looking table by using your china rentals to raise serving bowls or use a table linen rental with an eye-catching design.

Renting Is Necessary

Hosting a large gathering will call for various party supplies and rentals. By using this helpful service, you can save yourself a lot of stress. Your local rental company will have the necessary table linens, tables, serving dishes, and other essential items you will need to organize a successful buffet.

Trust American Party Rental to help you organize your next gathering. We have various party rentals in Austin, TX that will make your planning experience stress-free and help you to enjoy the party with everyone else. Visit our website or call us at (512) 236-5773 to see our vast inventory.

Use These Tips When Choosing Wedding Décor

Your wedding décor will be one of the main features of your wedding and reception, meaning you need to create a memorable look for you and your guests. As you can see in the short video, you can use simple wedding rentals and other wedding accessories to create a magical décor.

Part of selecting your wedding décor should involve you and your spouse-to-be. Your decorations should represent both of you, even if it’s only in small accents. To showcase your personalities, pick your wedding rentals in your favorite colors or use your favorite flowers in the centerpieces. Do not forget to include warm and inviting lighting on your list of party equipment; lighting is crucial to your wedding décor.

Plan your special event with American Party Rental with our many wedding rentals and wedding supplies in Austin, TX. Let’s plan your dream wedding by calling us at (512) 236-5773.

Inspiration for Throwing a Winter-Themed Party

Whether it is cold outside or not, a winter-themed party is always a welcomed idea among party themes. Winter parties provide so many options for creative decorating ideas, interesting party rentals, and yummy food. If you need some inspiration for your next winter-themed party, continue reading below.

Crystal Décor

Crystal chandeliers and candelabras are just a couple of decorations that can add to your winter-themed party. Whether the crystal hangs down in delicate dewdrops or commands attentions in large stars and snowflakes, this type of décor will have your guests thinking of clear and beautiful icicles.

Fluffy White Flowers

If there is no snow to be found outside, then bring it inside with the help of white, silk flowers. Your centerpieces can hold a fluffy bouquet of carnations, gardenias, or another full-looking flower. Your guests will love this simple reminder of a snow-white winter.

Cabin Features

If winter means heading to a ski lodge or visiting a cabin in the mountains, make woodsy features a part of your party equipment. You can use log slices as centerpieces or rent plaid-decorated table linens. There are several different options to use when you want to recreate a rustic winter experience in the mountains.

Wintry Foods

You can further impress your guests with various types of wintry foods. Set up a s’more-making station for guests to enjoy a warm dessert. Make popular soups and stews part of your catering menu, and don’t forget to serve some piping hot drinks like hot chocolate.

Cool Winter Colors

When considering the different colors to use, you do not have to stick to the classic red and green that typically accompany winter and holiday parties. Silver, metallic blue, gold, and purple are other popular winter colors to outfit your party.

American Party Rental is your location for all of your special event rentals near Austin, TX. Let us help you decorate and complete the look of your next party by calling us at (512) 236-5773.

Ideas for Coordinating Your Linens with Your Party Decorations

Part of pulling off a memorable event comes from your decorations. Your guests will remember the food and friends, but they must also be amazed as soon as they walk in the door. That instant amazement can only happen with gorgeous decorations and coordinated table linens. Here are some ideas to help you coordinate your party decorations with your various table linens.

  • Simple matching of colors is an easy way to coordinate your linens and décor. If you have a prominent decorating color, then pick a table runner in a matching color or the larger table linen in a complementary color.
  • Look at different textures available in your table linen rentals. Linens can come with crinkled fabric to create an interesting effect, or you may prefer a classy pin tuck texture.
  • Consider using a printed linen to match your decorations. If you are hosting a picnic event, then a checkered linen will look best. You may also appreciate a lace overlay, if your event is considered formal.

Choose the expert staff of American Party Rental to help you outfit your next event. We have a wide selection of table linens near Austin, TX. Please call us at (512) 236-5773 to set up a reservation.

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